Joe’s On Juniper Expanding In Midtown

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Joe's On Juniper - A Midtown Tavern

Restaurant files plans for 3,000-square-foot seating addition.

Joe’s On Juniper has plans to nearly double the size of its inside dining.

Metrotainment Cafes, the restaurant’s parent company, submitted a building permit application to City of Atlanta Thursday to begin interior demolition to neighboring space for the expansion, located between Joe’s and its sister concept Einstein’s.

The 3,271-square-foot building, at 1049 Juniper St., owned by Metrotainment has sat vacant for quite sometime.

Leroy Shelton, a manager at the restaurant, told What Now Atlanta (WNA) in a telephone interview Friday construction is slated to begin in the next few months.

“We’re adding more space to increase our clientele,” Shelton said.

Attempts to reach Metrotainment Cafes for comment were unsuccessful.


Photo courtesy of Joe’s On Juniper on Facebook.

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Caleb J. SpivakJoe’s On Juniper Expanding In Midtown

6 Comments on “Joe’s On Juniper Expanding In Midtown”

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  2. Andrew

    They need to tone down those obnoxious game show events they have there (bingo, trivia etc.) – way too loud and not a good place to meet up with friends unless you want to play.

  3. Mike

    They also need to quit with the sophomoric innuendo-laden humor in the menu and around the restaurant. We used to go there a couple times a week but that stuff just got old very fast. It’s not what you want when going out to eat.

  4. MikeInATL

    They could be more profitable without an expansion. All they need to do is speed up their bar. Slowest bar service in Atlanta. Was there last night, place was at least half empty and it took 15 minutes after ordering our drinks for them to arrive. This is not an isolated incident… happens all the time.

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