Is MuLan Midtown Temporarily Closed?

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MuLan Chinese Restaurant - Midtown, Atlanta

Chinese restaurant reportedly under new management.

UPDATE (Aug. 4, 2014): Did MuLan Temporarily Close Because Of Its 36/100 Failing Health Inspection?

Atlantans who went to patronize MuLan Saturday found the Chinese restaurant dark.

A sign posted to MuLan’s front door, at 824 Juniper St., announced the restaurant was “closed.”

That same sign indicated the restaurant has had a change in management which could mean MuLan will reopen with a new team, or possibly as a new concept altogether.

The restaurant’s website remains online, and its telephone leads to a full voice mailbox.


If MuLan does not have plans to reopen, what should open in its place? Leave your pick in the comments!

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Caleb J. SpivakIs MuLan Midtown Temporarily Closed?

4 Comments on “Is MuLan Midtown Temporarily Closed?”

  1. Marc

    I hope they reopen, their food is good and prices reasonable. One recommendation for them – they need to expand their miniscule unused bar. Midtown has a large single population who might dine there sitting at a bar. I only go there with guests/friends. When I dine alone I bypass them for the restaurants with bars.

  2. Thom

    I agree with Marc. Although the bar area is cute and cozy, they need to work on something for the 5-7pm crowd, singles, etc just like he said. I honestly forget about the place and have not been in awhile. I hope they do open back up!


    I work just down the street have been eating there for several years
    on a weekly basis. I hope they re-open soon I am addicted to the
    General’s chicken. Now I have to drive all the way to Chin Chins
    to get my fix.

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