‘AF&B’ to open down the street from ‘F&B’

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Buckhead Atlanta

Will yet-to-open Buckhead restaurant change its name?

Tristan Simon, founder and CEO of Dallas-based Consilient Restaurants, has plans to open American Food & Beverage at the Buckhead Atlanta development on the same street F&B resides, owned by restauranteur Cindy Brown.

“My hope is that people will call our restaurant AF&B,” Simon told What Now Atlanta (WNA). Simon was unaware at the time of the interview that F&B was just up the street.

Cindy Brown, who opened F&B in Buckhead after closing FAB Downtown, is concerned the new restaurant might cause some confusion among patrons.

“We have worked very hard to create and maintain our reputation in the marketplace,” Cindy told WNA. “Other people may undoubtedly confuse us with them.”

Will AF&B change it’s name before opening later this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Photo courtesy Buckhead Atlanta.

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John Bowen‘AF&B’ to open down the street from ‘F&B’

7 Comments on “‘AF&B’ to open down the street from ‘F&B’”

  1. AF&B not F&AB

    “Will FA&B change it’s name before opening this Summer?” I don’t know about them, but I bet you will. =]

  2. Stacey

    Hmmm….seems like Simon should’ve done a little market research. Why would you use such a similar name to an already established (and loved) local restaurant? Doesn’t make any sense.

  3. cliff oxford

    This is not good for AF&B either – vendors, new hires, first timers etc will all be confused.
    Maybe AF but leave the B out of it..

  4. Lyndon M

    Someone should have done their homework before choosing such a similar name. This is not good for either business. Hopefully the voice of reason will prevail and the new restaurant will choose a less confusing (and misleading) name.

  5. andrea

    I think this is confusing for all parties. It makes no sense for a new restaurant to pick a name so similar to a well established and loved Atlanta restaurant.

  6. jess

    what an idiot. someone needs to do a cease and desist. anyone who can’t figure out that a restaurant half a mile up the road has the same name doesn’t deserve to be in business…or there is an ulterior motive at play.

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