The Imperial celebrating grand opening Dec. 13

By on December 13, 2013
The Imperial

Long awaited neighborhood bar arrives in Oakhurst.

After announcing it would open earlier this month, The Imperial has finally received its certificate of occupancy.

The neighborhood bar opens to the public Friday night at 6 p.m. in space formerly occupied by a gas station, at 726 West College Ave, in the colloquially named People’s Republic of Decatur (PRoD).

“We were expecting to open many times and it never happened,” AJ Thompson, kitchen manager at The Imperial, told What Now Atlanta in an interview Friday.

With a bar that is made from a 150-year-old barn from Macon, G.A., the restaurant features stained glass windows and a dining room table.

“It’s very homey. We’re very neighborhood oriented.”

The general public are invited to attend Friday’s festivities by signing up through The Imperial Grand’s Facebook invite.

Photo courtesy of The Imperial.


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