Bell Street Burritos opening in South Buckhead

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Burrito joint moving forward with plans to replace the now-shuttered Huey’s.

Bell Street Burritos has begun the buildout on its new South Buckhead location after submitting a building permit application with City of Atlanta in April, according to Matt Hinton, burrito joint owner.

“The contractor submitted that permit request prematurely,” Hinton told What Now Atlanta (WNA) in a Facebook message in April responding to WNA’s inquiry about the application.

“Things are not finalized with the Landlord. But we do hope to open a shop there. I’ll know something more in the next day or two.”

Hinton followed up with WNA Wednesday reporting “stuff” has been “sorted out” and the buildout has begun on the former home of Huey’s (Ernesto’s Cuts for a hot minute), at 1816 Peachtree Road.

An estimated $37,800 will be spent converting the 1,760-square-foot space into a Bell Street Burritos.

Minton isn’t sure when the new location will open. “When we’re done with buildout, I suppose!”

This will be the third location for the burrito joint. Bell Street has a store at the Municipal Market on Edgewood (aka “Sweet Auburn Curb Market”) and a location at Irwin Street Market (after being forced to relocate its Westside location).

Photo – The Wilbert Group.

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Caleb J. SpivakBell Street Burritos opening in South Buckhead

4 Comments on “Bell Street Burritos opening in South Buckhead”

  1. Wade

    Dumb move.

    Huey’s was a genuinely good restaurant that closed because of the traffic and access problems in this spot. Maybe 20 or 30 years ago you could drive here for dinner without much trouble, but that isn’t the case anymore.

    Just passing by this strip most week nights is a pain because of Peachtree Rd traffic.

    And the sidewalks here suck, so you aren’t getting neighbors or MARTA riders walking in. Cars are the only option, and what a bad situation when the traffic and parking are messed up.

    How can someone who makes such awesome burritos (I go to the Irwin location weekly) make such a bad decision?

  2. Sharyn

    Let me get this straight. Chipotle is opening in the former Fig Jam spot, there’s already El Azteca and let’s not forget about the endless Moe’s and Willy’s within about 2 miles. Such an interesting dining scene on Peachtree! \eyeroll

  3. Harry

    There’s decent walk-up from the hospital and multiple office buildings nearby, it’ll do fine for lunch. Dinner, we’ll see, but it did pretty good at the horrible Chatahooche/Howell Mill intersection. What stinks is that they probably signed the lease BEFORE Chipotle came in to the Fig Jam spot, thinking they’d not have much burrito competition in the neighborhood.

    1. Burritto FAn

      Moe’s, Willy’s, and Chipotle are not serious competition for Bell Street, which is in a class by itself. This is not your let’s-get-a quick-burrito-instead-of-fast-food-and-we-don’t-really-care-if-it’s that-good-burrito. This is a destination.

      I agree a more pedestrian-friendly location might have been better, but this is Atlanta. Once people agree how good this place is (and people nearby from the old Howell Mill location already know), this place will have no problem. It’s also far better than Huey’s.

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