Zaxby’s Real Chicken to erect Midtown location

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Zaxby's Midtown, Atlanta

Fast casual chicken joint files plans for new Atlanta restaurant.

UPDATE (July 12, 2013): Zaxby’s opening Midtown restaurant July 15

Zaxby’s Real Chicken is opening a Midtown location.

The franchised chain of fast casual restaurants filed a building permit application with City of Atlanta earlier this month to erect a new store, at 425 Ponce de Leon Avenue.

The brand new Zaxby’s will be built where a now shuttered Church’s Chicken stands. Church’s will be demolished making way for the chicken restaurant.

An estimated $448,000 will be spent erecting the new 2,664-square-foot Zaxby’s restaurant.

Athens, Ga.-based Zaxby’s operates more than 525 locations in 12 states.

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Caleb J. SpivakZaxby’s Real Chicken to erect Midtown location

18 Comments on “Zaxby’s Real Chicken to erect Midtown location”

  1. John Wolfinger

    Actually the new Zaxbys store will be in the Old 4th Ward – not Midtown. PDL Avenue is the dividing line between these two neighborhoods. But – am glad to have something interesting going in this location.

    1. Kit Sutherland

      Yes, the south side of that stretch of Ponce is the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood – Midtown is on the north side of Ponce. We hope the owners of this new business will join the O4W Business Association and get tapped into all the cool things happening in the O4W.
      Ms. Kit Sutherland
      President, Fourth Ward Alliance Neighborhood Association

      1. Tim

        Actually this property is in the O4W…the south boundary between Midtown and O4W changes from North Ave on the west over to Ponce de Leon further east where this property is, so yes it is in the O4W.

  2. JustSayin

    What?? They won’t be able to hire any professional staff. It will be a bunch of Bon Qui Quis in there. Will tarnish Zaxby’s reputation.

    1. Really

      Sorry to rain on your parade, but no Bonquiqus there. I work for the company and ALL employees, male and female, are on a higher level of professionalism, and have no problem giving guests consistent, excellent service.

  3. O4W resident

    Very happy about this news! Even with Popeyes a block away and the history of this location as a graveyard for fried chicken joints, I’m certain that Zaxby’s can make a go of it. Relative to their competitors, they’ve got a superior product, engaged front-of-house staff, and offer a comfortable environment for dining.

    And in contrast to JustSayin’s sentiment, I HOPE they hire folks from the neighborhood. It’s not easy work, and it probably pays $7.25/hr, but it’s a nice and needed alternative to the drug trade conducted by the boys on the corner.

    I don’t eat a ton of fast food but love Zaxby’s. I promise to do my part to make sure this location is a success.

  4. sandy shannpn

    Actually the old Church’s on Ponce is now a check cashing place and isn’t boarded up. Are you referring to the KFC next to the Goodyear Store which is boarded up?

  5. John

    Church’s replaced the closed KFC and lasted less than six months. Most restaurants fail on that side of the street. Doomed.

  6. MikeH

    This site was an KFC whcih never seemed to get any business, then Church’s relocated here…briefly, was surprised they closed so quickly. So Zaxby’s will be the 3rd in a row chicken place at this location.

  7. Latonya Howard

    Hello. Congragulations on the expansion of your company to another yet well known location. If you have not already hired new employess for your new location, how does one go about applying for a position at your store?

  8. Brandt

    You guys really have nothing better to do than correct them on the boundary lines of the city neighborhoods?Jeeze – go outside!! Who cares – don’t get butthurt over such a petty thing!

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