Brushstrokes to replace portion of The King and I

Caleb J. Spivakretail13 Comments

Brushstrokes Atlanta

Adult store to expand retail footprint in Ansley Park.

Brushstrokes Pleasures adult store announced in a press release Tuesday plans to expand its Ansley Park location.

The adult store will take over a portion of the space formerly occupied by the King and I Thai restaurant in the Ansley Square shopping mall this March, according to the release.

“We’re very excited to add 500 square feet to our Pleasures shop and will implement a new layout with new product in the expanded space,” Mark Jackson of Brushstrokes said in the release.

The combined stores will total 7,000 square feet of retail space.

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Caleb J. SpivakBrushstrokes to replace portion of The King and I

13 Comments on “Brushstrokes to replace portion of The King and I”

  1. dave

    I agree with Urbanist. Does the entire city have to be one big strip club/porn stores? How about a museum? Or a bookstore? Or a place where someone can actually learn something? Not everyone in this city is into porn and churches. Is this all Republicans want in the 8th largest city in the country? No wonder this region is in so much trouble.

  2. Dave'sNotHere


    What the hell are you talking about? Sex shops are Republicans’ fault??? Seems to me that the citizens on both sides of the aisle are driving the demand.

    You and Slurpanist both need to get a life. Y’all sound like small-town bumpkins.

  3. Jason Greene

    Is the King & I, totally closing? Or is it just that expansion space, they took over a few years back? The King & I was the first Thai Restaurant, I ever went to. That was probably 25yrs. ago. It has been an icon in the Midtown community.

      1. Keith

        Hi Caleb,

        Do you know the difference between flare and flair? I think when you wrote about the Rose and Crown you confused the two words and their meaning.

  4. Urbanist

    Yes – country bumpkins are often the ones that don’t like to see trashy adult novelty stores all over the city…that sounds right.

  5. Max

    Great for them. That is a company that has given more money back to its community then most other businesses could ever dream. They deserve all the success in the world.

  6. Tim

    Good news! The King and I does not use their current full space, and Brushstrokes is a great local business. They have two stores in this location, one more for gifts and books, the other for more adult items. Interesting so may unhappy people on here complaining about businesses that are popular and provide a service for people to enjoy their lives more. Good luck to Brushstrokes!

  7. Dash

    Brushstrokes is the gift store. Non-adult. They sell books, music, candles, housewares, greeting cards, etc. It’s an amazing locally gay-owned establishment that I have gone out of my way to do business with bc I appreciate how much they give back to the community.

    Their adult store right next door is Capulets. I’m assuming this is what is taking over the space in The King & I. As far as gay adult novelty stores go, believe it or not, I’m pretty sure that Capulet’s is the only one in Atlanta. So cut them a little slack. Also, it’s not like it’s in the middle of some Buckhead school zone. It’s in Ansley Mall, surrounded by about 5 gays bars, and the gayest L.A. Fitness EVER.

    I’m glad finally see a post where something is not closing down. I genuinely hope they do well in their new space.

  8. Dee

    Business is expanding – stop bitching – no one wants whiney types in Midtown. Go complain in Sandy Springs where you belong – stay out of our part of town 😉

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