Houston’s Restaurant to close Wildwood location

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Huston's Restaurant Atlanta

Upscale American casual eatery to shutter January 31, 2013.

Houston’s Restaurant is closing one of its Metro Atlanta Area locations.

A manager at the upscale American casual restaurant, told What Now Atlanta in a telephone interview Monday, the chain will shutter its Wildwood location, at 3050 Windy Hill Road, January 31.

“We’re going to focus on our other three Atlanta locations,” the manager said.

Houston’s has locations on Peachtree Road, Lenox Road and Northside Parkway, according to the restaurant’s website.

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Caleb J. SpivakHouston’s Restaurant to close Wildwood location

9 Comments on “Houston’s Restaurant to close Wildwood location”

  1. cd

    This is years overdue. I’m not knocking the chain, they make simple tasty food (if a bit expensive), but this spot has been dead for a long time.

  2. Harry

    That whole stretch of Powers Ferry seems like a restaurant graveyard. Friday’s, Famous Dave’s, and now Houston’s. Granted 2 are crap, but can the business area not support them or do they just have tastes far better than most of Atlanta?

  3. SK

    I live in that area and am a little shocked the restaurant wasn’t doing better. I have to avoid the intersection of Powers Ferry and Windy Hill at certain times of day because of the wait at the valet.

    Sad to see another restaurant in that row go, cause nothing has gone in where Fridays or Famous Daves were in YEARS. Hopefully the Houston’s location will get filled quickly. We need some decent restaurants in the area.

  4. 2Pac

    I was shocked to hear about this yesterday. I work around the corner, and this Houston’s always seemed packed — even in the evenings. With all the boarded up restaurants and empty strip malls, Powers Ferry from Windy Ridge to Delk is beginning to resemble Detroit. Why the hell can nothing survive along this stretch?

  5. Bill

    We used to enjoy going here until we moved out of the area. Yes, mediocre food and overpriced. But that applies to most places in Atlanta. And this was a nice atmosphere. That area used to have a pretty vibrant restaurant scene with TGI Fridays, Famous Dave’s, La Madeline. I think a Brazilian steak place. Odd that it has died off.

  6. Gracey

    I am just realizing that it closed. :-( I’m just SO disappointed! Every time I was there, it was very busy. So so disappointed….
    This is as boneheaded a move as closing the original in Nashville and never re-opening!

    1. Zac Coleman

      I could not agree more to exactly what you posted. I was a line cook for that location for 5 years and cant understand why they would close it. Lots of people out of work. Its disappointing. Great made from scratch American cuisine.

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