Nation’s smallest Walmart opening at Ga. Tech.

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Walmart at Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta

Contract signed to bring the discount retailer to campus.

Georgia Institute of Technology is getting a Walmart unlike any other, according to the college’s online newspaper, Technique.

Walmart signed a contract with Georgia Tech Auxiliary Services early January 2013, for a “convenience store concept” in the former Ribs n’ Blues space, Technique reports (Rib’s n’ Blues shuttered in November of 2012).

“Walmart pharmacy was our number one target…there was a good connection with Georgia Tech…the CEO of Walmart had been on campus speaking a year and a half ago,” Rich Steele, Director of Auxiliary Services, told Technique.

“Shortly after that, we started conversations with Walmart just about the idea [of having Walmart on Campus]…”

The only other Walmart of its kind is located at Fayetteville’s University of Arkansas, the report notes. At a mere 2,500-square feet, Georgia Tech’s Walmart location will be smallest in the nation, compared to the University of Arkansas’ 3,500-square-foot store.

The store will carry items like ramen noodles, power bars, frozen pizza, soda, as well as some electronics.

Click here to read the rest of Technique’s thoughtful report.

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Caleb J. SpivakNation’s smallest Walmart opening at Ga. Tech.

8 Comments on “Nation’s smallest Walmart opening at Ga. Tech.”

  1. Matt

    There is another location like this already open inside the Delta corporate offices by the airport. It might be close to 2000 square feet if that.

      1. Drew

        Its actually a great neighborhood. Rachel forgot to mention the Froyo shop, Subway, LA Fitness, Great Clips, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, various eateries…. well…. and a bathhouse LOL.

  2. Frank

    There is actually a Walmart on the Delta campus in the Delta Administrative Building that is likely smaller — also a ‘convenience store’ concept.

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