Howell Mill McDonald’s gets demolished, plan filed to rebuild

Caleb J. Spivakrestaurants6 Comments

Howell Mill Road McDonald's - Photo courtesy of Buckhead Patch

Upscale Mickey D’s to replace the now demolished McDonald’s restaurant.

Don’t worry Channing Valley/Collier Hills McDonald’s fans!

While the old Mickey D’s, at 1994 Howell Mill Road, has seemingly been demolished overnight, a new more efficient McDonald’s will be resurrected.

The local restaurant franchisee submitted a building permit application with City of Atlanta earlier this year to erect a new McDonald’s restaurant where the old one once stood.

An estimated $480,000 will be spent building the 2,184-square-foot McDonald’s from the ground up.

The new Howell Mill Road McDonald’s is part of the company’s worldwide plan to revamp its stores to look more upscale, according to a recent USA Today report.

McDonald’s announced in March, 2011 it would spend $1 billion-plus making store-by-store makeovers, something the big mac giant and its franchisees hope will be completed by 2015, according to the report.

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Caleb J. SpivakHowell Mill McDonald’s gets demolished, plan filed to rebuild

6 Comments on “Howell Mill McDonald’s gets demolished, plan filed to rebuild”

  1. Tanning Bed

    Any idea how old the now demolished McDonald’s was? Was it built to look retro originally? If it was actually classic, why does no one care it was demolished?

  2. (Mr) Bob Dobalina

    The restaurant was less than 20 years old and was designed to look like a throwback diner.

  3. RetailInTheKnow

    The McDonald’s at Howell Mill will not be rebuilt. If you will notice, several other small tenants on this block from Collier Road/McDonald’s down to Willy’s have closed and there are no attempts to re lease these buildings. This is just step one of a major demolition of what will end up being this entire square block in preparation for a new Lifestyle Center to be developed by the same developer that owns The Shoppes Around Lenox. The biggest issue holding up this development was the current Post Office and relocating it to an acceptable location which has been identified and accepted allowing the construction to begin. If Howell Mill wasn’t already the absolute worst traffic nightmare ITL. Just imagine what it will be like after completion of this retail development. In case you missed it, just a couple of blocks further down Collier Road, there is an Apartment Complex adjacent to Verde that will also be fully demolished and rebuilt as a Multi-use Retail/Live Development.

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