New Equitable Building owner giving the Icon $4 million windows for Christmas

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Equitable Building Atlanta

Downtown landmark to get 30 floors of energy efficient windows.

The iconic Equitable Building is getting a $4 million facelift that will most likely go unrecognizable.

America’s Capital Partnersthe company that paid $19 million to purchase the property last year — submitted a building permit application to City of Atlanta last week to replace the skyscraper’s exterior windows.

The building’s windows on floors three through 30 will be replaced with ones that are “energy efficient” at an estimated cost of $4,051,695. There will be “no change to [the] facade or look of [the] building,” according to the permit.

America’s Capital Partners told the AJC when it first purchased the building in July, 2011, there are plans to “modernize” the building which includes removing the Equitable name — a company that no longer exists.

100 Peachtree would be the building’s new name.

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Caleb J. SpivakNew Equitable Building owner giving the Icon $4 million windows for Christmas

5 Comments on “New Equitable Building owner giving the Icon $4 million windows for Christmas”

  1. Jim

    I wish they would leave the Equitable name on the building, it is a landmark mark. Although the company is no longer around, the word Equitable speaks volumes to the place Atlanta maintains in the South.

  2. Kate

    @ Jim, 100% agreed! I am totally bummed that they’re removing the Equitable name. It’s certainly a landmark of the downtown ATL skyline. It’s like the PSFS building in Philadelphia: the famed skyscraper is no longer owned by PSFS, but the historic signage has been maintained and adds a meaningful degree of richness to the city’s skyline!

  3. Georgie

    The thought of removing the lighted EQUITABLE is just, for lack of a better word, disgusting. We’re talking irreparable damage to Atlanta’s iconic skyline. Hey Spivak – Your blog gets considerable attention around here. How about spearheading a petition buddy…

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