Another day, another Family Dollar

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Family Dollar Atlanta - Prototype for "new" stores courtesy Family Dollar on Facebook

Discount retailer to open Bolton store.

Family Dollar Stores Inc. is planning other Metro-Atlanta area location, this time in Bolton.

The national chain of discount stores filed a permit with City of Atlanta Wednesday to construct a building, at 2344 Marietta Blvd., for its new retail store — Family Dollar is also in the process of building a new store from the ground up in Fairburn Heights.

To build the discount retailer’s new 8,000-square-foot store, Family Dollar will spend an estimated $580,000, according to the permit.

A Market Watch report says Family Dollar Stores Inc. plans to open 450 to 500 new stores in the current fiscal year. It will close up to 100 underperforming locations.

Family Dollar will spend between $550 million and $600 million this year to support the new store openings, according to the report.

Family Dollar was not immediately available for comment.

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Caleb J. SpivakAnother day, another Family Dollar

5 Comments on “Another day, another Family Dollar”

  1. Vanilla

    So what is going to become of that decrepit shopping plaza on Marietta Blvd of which Family Dollar is the only remaining tenant? They tore down part of it a couple years back but nothing more has happened.

  2. Vanilla

    The Family Dollar I mentioned earlier is *already* at that location. It looks like a bomb hit it. You might want to dig a little deeper into this story.

  3. Harry

    According to an ABC article from the Summer sometime, Publix was supposed to anchor an entire plaza and they were to start razing that in this fall and build a new, hence why the CVS just built out a new store right next to their old one. I’m not sure what’s the current hold-up, but I know they’re supposed to redo that whole Bolton/Atlanta/Adams intersection, so that might have to do with it. Also there was issues between the property ownership group and the city of Atlanta on why the treatment plant right there constantly lets out the smell of excrement, it can be really bad there, and not something that a new building owner would want anywhere nearby.

  4. Clicker

    Ah yes…Family Dollar.

    The omniopresent harbunger announcing the fruited joys of the Obama Economy. Enjoy suckers.

  5. yes!

    Harry, you are correct about the plans for the old shopping center. Additionally, there are plans to add multi-family to the southside of the center. The plans look very nice.

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