The Container Store opening new Buckhead location Nov. 10

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The Container Store - Buckhead

Organizational products retailer to relocate its store on the corner of Peachtree & Piedmont.

The Container Store is opening a new 28,000-square-foot, two-level store in Buckhead, featuring more than 10,000 organizational products.

The retailer of storage and organization products, will open its new location at the intersection of Peachtree and Wieuca Roads on Saturday, Nov. 10, according to a press release.

The Container Store opened its current Buckhead location on the northeast corner of Peachtree and Piedmont — the retailer’s very first store outside of Texas where the company is based — in 1991.

The current store will remain open through Nov. 4 before moving into the new location, according to the release.

Photo courtesy of The Container Store.

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Caleb J. SpivakThe Container Store opening new Buckhead location Nov. 10

6 Comments on “The Container Store opening new Buckhead location Nov. 10”

  1. dave

    I still can’t get over Borders leaving and I doubt I ever will. What is America coming to when we don’t even have a bookstore anymore in the heart of Buckhead? Couldn’t Books A Million have come in here? The dumbing down of America continues.

  2. yes!

    Dave, I’m not sure that you can base the ‘dumbing down of America” on the decline of the Brick and Mortar bookstore.

    Amazon and Apple do brisk e-book business.

  3. Urbanist

    @Dave – Borders was terrible. Barnes & Noble is a considerably better bookstore, at the chain level. When you’re #3 in a business that can tolerate 2 competitors at most, your days are numbered.

    I do agree that it would be nice to have a “bookstore culture” in Atlanta. However, a large part of the catalyst of Bookstore culture is the random draw that it provides to the foot traffic outside…and as we all know, this city has crap for foot traffic.

  4. Tammy

    Bookstores are so 90’s. A 30k square foot store cannot justify being a glorified reading room, and that is what these big bookstores had turned into. The reading consumer is alive and well but the store is digital, not brick and mortar.

  5. Eddie

    And you think that people are actually reading books in their tablets…..please, I have only seen two people this year using it as a book. Most folks are gaming or browsing the internet!!!!!! Get real…..I own a tablet and I have a big screen smartphone……and I have yet to finish a book completely…..give me the real stuff!!!!

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