New Concentrics restaurant opening in 2013

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Concentrics Restaurants

Restaurant group plans undisclosed concept.

The rumor mill is abuzz with news that Concentrics restaurateur Bob Amick is working on a new Atlanta concept, courtesy of Eater Atlanta.

A Concentrics spokeswoman told What Now Atlanta in an email Tuesday, the rumors are true.

The Atlanta-based restaurant group is working on a new project that is slated to open in the first part of 2013, the spokeswoman confirmed.

The restaurant will be “casual, accessible, and big city-ish, kind of like The Spence,” reports Eater Atlanta via its insiders.

The spokeswoman had no additional information that could be shared at this time.


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Caleb J. SpivakNew Concentrics restaurant opening in 2013

3 Comments on “New Concentrics restaurant opening in 2013”

  1. StevenT

    There’s plenty of usable space in the Edgewood/Old 4th Ward area. That part of town has some really eclectic nightlife and could use more food options. They just need to be prepared to cater to a younger “cool” crowd.

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