Shell to replace rundown Exxon on Monroe Dr.

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Exxon Ponce de Leon Avenue

Change in ownership leads to construction of new full-service Shell Food Mart.

The corner of Ponce de Leon Avenue and Monroe Drive is getting a much needed facelift.

The rundown Exxon gas station, at 486 Ponce de Leon Ave., has been demolished to be replaced by a brand-spanking new Shell Food Mart, Hunt Archbold with Midtown Patch first reported.

What Now Atlanta found seven building permit applications filed with City of Atlanta for the project dating as early as March, 2012.

The permits called for demolition to the existing 1,250-square-foot convenience store and the construction of a new 3,100-square-foot Shell Food Mart.

An estimated $353,800 will be spent constructing the new convenience store. Those costs exclude demolition, impact fees, land development and alcohol license fees totaling some $52,800.

Photo courtesy of Midtown Patch.

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Caleb J. SpivakShell to replace rundown Exxon on Monroe Dr.

5 Comments on “Shell to replace rundown Exxon on Monroe Dr.”

  1. I have gas on Ponce

    This is very good news – a much needed improvement. Now what can be done for the old BP station just down the street at Piedmont and Ponce?

  2. Shecky

    This could be a good thing. Given that this is the “Year of Boulevard”, maybe an upgrade of the businesses near the Ponce/Monroe is in order. I believe they are also putting an active bank in the shuttered location across the street.

    Over the years, the Exxon folks have allowed aggressive begging AT THE PUMP at that location. The panhandlers know this location, and will jump across the street when they see a good target to bug for dough. I just stopped going there.

    Hopefully, the new owners will note that a begging oasis isn’t good for business.

  3. Tammy

    Ponce and Boulevard, where all the trannies be
    If you want to smoke that crack now
    You’ve got to make that money

  4. shannon

    Heads up the new owner is very active about panhandlers , take notice where they stand and how often atlpd is noticed on the property.

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