Firehouse Subs shutters Midtown store

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Firehouse Subs

Sandwich shop closes its Spire location.

Firehouse Subs has closed its store located at the Spire Condominiums in Midtown.

The sandwich shop, at 860 Peachtree Street, removed its signage and has covered its windows in brown paper.

What Now Atlanta spoke to Tureka Jackson Saturday, an employee at the Tech Plaza Firehouse Subs location, the sandwich shop’s second Midtown store.

Firehouse Subs closed its Spire location Friday, Jackson told WNA in a telephone interview. Jackson would not provide any additional information.

Firehouse Subs has removed its Spire location from its website.


Photo courtesy of Firehouse Subs.

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Caleb J. SpivakFirehouse Subs shutters Midtown store

8 Comments on “Firehouse Subs shutters Midtown store”

  1. Midtown Alexander

    I hate to see this go. As someone who lives within walking distance to this location, it was great to be able to walk down and just grab a sandwich. Despite some opinions, everything in the area does not need to be a new, nonchain establishment.

  2. Very disappointed

    This is so disappointing. We loved their sandwiches and they had such great employees working there. I know it was a chain but it didn’t feel like one b/c of their employees. Really bummed.

  3. Bummer

    I frequently traveled out of my way to grab a sandwich here. Really sad to see it go. I’m sure the new parking situation didn’t help.

  4. Mr. Quizno

    Gee, anojther “way-overpriced, always left hungry” sandwich shop closed? In Atlanta? When will people realize that a fair and square deal is what will get people to come back again and again? Last time I was in a Firehouse (in Conyers, BTW), I had a small combo and dropped over $8.00. I can see spending more in a higher rent location, but most Firehouse locations are in strip malls – many of them the one’s I used to be in.

    Mr. Quizno

    P.S. I know, the “spung monkeys” was a bad marketing ploy – I fired that agency soon after….

    1. Ms. Firehouse

      I find this almost laughable Mr. Quiznos… I’ve been opening Firehouse locations for eleven years and every time I do… a Quiznos closes… I was in OKC a few weeks ago and couldn’t find but a couple of your stores left open… LOL

  5. Old South

    This just shows the midtown crowd is too sophisticated for a chain with hundreds of successful spots. Right?? Or perhaps it shows that about the only thing that can work in midtown Atlanta is a church’s chicken… 500k condos and homes owners must love cheap chicken, wait till other cities find out!

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