Repicci’s Italian Ice Midtown melts to death as predicted

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Repicci's Italian Ice

Ice cream shop closes: we saw it coming. Smoothie shop opening in its place: complete shocker.

Repicci’s Italian Ice has closed its Midtown location.

We’re not surprised.

When the gelateria first replaced Smoothie King at its prime Midtown location in July, 2010, What Now Atlanta had its doubts that Repicci’s would last through the winter.

So we added Repicci’s to our DeathWatch months after it opened. Shortly after being placed on our list of dying businesses, Repicci’s was put up for sale through The Schumacher Group.

Here’s what is surprising: that another smoothie joint is opening in that space. According to a banner posted over the Repicci’s signage, Groovy Smoothie will replace the gelateria.

Help us understand the mindset of the Groovy Smoothie proprietor (since he or she wasn’t immediately available for comment): why would you open a smoothie start-up in space where Smoothie King and its ice cream¬†successor both failed?

We’re getting a brain freeze just thinking about it.

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Caleb J. SpivakRepicci’s Italian Ice Midtown melts to death as predicted

12 Comments on “Repicci’s Italian Ice Midtown melts to death as predicted”

  1. Chris M.

    It was too bad that Repicci’s couldn’t make it. I agree with most of the criticisms on this site of the place. Cramped, unorganized looking, too hot and no sense of style or design. It looked temporary. I, for one, am trying to eat healthier and do not consume much of the fat laden products that either former business marketed to the midtown community. Better luck to Groovy Smoothie, they need a drive thru window since it’s nearly impossible to park and shop. By the way, why is there a Taxi stand big enough to fit 8 cars in front of nearby Gilberts & Blake’s when no taxis ever sit there? It keeps shoppers out of the 10th & Piedmont businesses.

  2. Sub-urbanist

    The very idea that a drive-thru is a necessary component for a successful Midtown business says a lot about the ridiculous suburban culture that prevails in this city.

  3. Mike

    Repicci’s sucked… I only went once and my gelato was already half melted and the guy behind the counter needed a shower.

  4. JB

    Have a Freakin Heart WhatnowAtlanta
    Congrats on your Expertise in Calling Out Someone Else’s Failure!
    Remember this was someone’s Dream at one point…
    How does the saying go???
    “Don’t Blow out Someone Else’s Candle Just to Make Your’s Glow Brighter”

    Love the work you guys do….but Encourage people’s Dreams my dude….no need to be Crushin’

  5. Terry

    Gelato has a high price point. It’s also a higher calorie product. If you want to be successful you have to have top class designed space and excellent product. People will pay a premium for that. As for the garbage yogurt shops proliferating Atlanta, they serve premixed garbage and are not healthy if you have to dump a half pound of toppings (gummie bears, chocolate chunks, pebbles cereal, etc) on top. I’ll take an excellent gelato over that slop they serve at Yorktown and pink berry any day. This city is littered with people who love burgers, yogurt, and low brow Mexican. Wake up people.

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