Midtown to get Senor Patron Mexican Restaurant

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Eatery to open at Spire Condos.

Midtown is getting a new Mexican restaurant start-up.

Senor Patron filed permits to open in space formerly occupied by Fune Sushi Bar and Ultra lounge inside the Spire Condos, at 860 Peachtree Street.

The space will receive new furniture, seating and bar, according to the permit. Its kitchen will also get remodeled.

Senor Patron will spend an estimated $100K on the commercial alterations to its new 3,880-square-foot space.

The Mexican Restaurant will join Fresh To Order, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Firehouse Subs and Vinny’s Pizza, Spire’s street-level restaurants.

Senor Patron isn’t the only new Mexican Restaurant coming to Midtown.

Lime Fresh Mexican Restaurant is opening across the street diagonally from Senor Patron in the Bakeshop space. Bakeshop closed Friday with the possibility of opening somewhere else.

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Caleb J. SpivakMidtown to get Senor Patron Mexican Restaurant

16 Comments on “Midtown to get Senor Patron Mexican Restaurant”

  1. Mike

    More Mexican?! Escorpion, Lime Fresh, Mi Cocina is opening at 12th and Midtown, Zocalo has been around for awhile, and now this place?! I’m glad something is opening but I’d love a better sushi place (RA is OK and Nickiemoto’s and Silk have closed), an Indian restaurant, Vietnamese restaurant, something different please! How about a bar like The Highlander? Just no more Mexican!

  2. ChadK

    Vietnamese would be great! I’m tired of having to travel down Buford highway for good bites (although COM is worth the drive).

    But I’d really like to see something other than a restaurant open up. We all need to eat, but what is there to do before/after your meal… or when you’re not hungry?

  3. Kevin

    How dare these open restaurants based on what people actually want to eat!?

    The audacity of their actions!

    If they fail, they fail. If they succeed, they succeed. It’s that simple. Those of you who will never be pleased with anything– and there’s ample supply on this board– can continue to eat wherever the hell you want.

    Try to spend just one day– only one– not bitching about someone’s business decision. I think you’ll find it quite liberating. And, just perhaps, you’ll learn something, start a business, and become more successful than you obviously are in your miserable, sorry little lives.

  4. AJ

    Well said Kevin. I’m a believer in voting with your wallet instead of b*tching like a little school girl.

  5. Urbanist

    @ AJ & Kevin – Fair point…I guess it looks like the wallets of Atlanta are in the back pockets of people with little to no taste.

  6. Terry

    I’m not interested in yet another Mexican restaurant and those on this site whining about people expressing their lack of enthusiasm for another Mexican joint can kiss my butt. I am expressing an opinion, deal with it. I too wish we could get some variety beyond Mexican, hamburgers, and the usual garbage bar fare. Indian, Turkish, Lebanese, another sushi place please.

  7. Mike

    Urbanist, please stop putting the blame on Midtown residents. The people opening businesses are NOT listening to what people in Midtown want… it’s clear they are not doing the proper research. You would think with Zocalo, Escorpion, WIlly’s, Lime Fresh and Mi Cocina, these people would be smart enough to not open Señor Patron… I guess we’ll see how all of these places do..

    I live in Midtown but end up going out in other parts of the city most of the time because Midtown doesn’t offer enough options… I just like being able to walk to a MARTA station and Piedmont Park, or else I’d move to another area.

  8. Maine Yankee

    We hardly ever eat in Midtown these days as It is so over the top with itself and YET another mexican place?. There are much better places to go get great food, and I live in midtown, so disappointing.

  9. Jasen

    I agree, midtown have too many Mexican restaurants and honestly I would not go to any one of them. Their food is undesirable and overpriced. Maybe Senor Patron will get is right or not the verdict is still out.

  10. Captain City

    In Midtown we need…

    and…about 2 more coffee shops, a yogurt shop, an ice cream shop, a bakery (now that Bakeshop is leaving), a wine store, and a cheese shop.

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