Amuse! Closing?

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Photo courtesy of Amuse! on Facebook

Probably. But the Midtown French bistro hasn’t ‘finalized’ those plans yet.

UPDATE (Dec. 9, 2011): Update: Midtown restaurant not ‘amused’ with our report of its possible closure

Amuse! Restaurant Bar & Lounge is most likely going to close.

After being tipped off by industry insiders, What Now Atlanta asked Haykel Arfaooui, general manager at the French bistro, if Amuse! was going to close, in a telephone interview Tuesday.

“Nothing is finalized at this time,” Arfaooui said. “We’re trying to keep [Amuse!] open. We’re still working on some things.”

Sunday, Amuse! announced on Facebook it would cut its dinner hours to only include Tuesday through Saturday. It used to serve dinner Sundays as well.

“Please note that we will no longer be serving dinner on Sunday evenings effective this evening, December 4,” according to the post.

The owners of Amuse! were not immediately available for comment.


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Caleb J. SpivakAmuse! Closing?

8 Comments on “Amuse! Closing?”

  1. jack trent

    Alcohol and all other business licenses renewal is up. If they don’t renew, that means they are closing. Also, restaurant insurance needs to be renewed. No owner is going to pay $12,000 if they know they are going to close.

  2. Morningsider

    Sorry to hear it, that location is just terrible. ONE Midtown Kitchen seems do well on that street, but they have quite the reputation and somewhat consistent buzz.

    Amuse! must attract almost no customers from driving by / just noticing it from the road…very few reasons to ever drive down there. Too bad, I’ve enjoyed the food and atmosphere and IMHO the concept could do well somewhere more visible.

  3. Not Amused

    I was there openeing night. It was very good. There is just alot better in Atlanta. They emailed me constantly, though, So, I won’t miss that.

  4. JonC

    The location is a little hidden, but I don’t think that’s a good enough excuse for a restaurant closing. Look at Floataway Cafe’s location, or that of TWO Urban Licks. If the place is good enough people will seek it out.

  5. Urbanist

    Yeah…I could have predicted this 2 weeks into their opening. I went on opening night and the service, the food, the decor, it was all abysmal. I gave it the benefit of trying it one more time a couple weeks later, and had an even worse experience. Im surprised it lasted as long as it did…

  6. Clicker

    Hey Urbanist,

    I ‘ve noticed that, with few exceptions, you always seem to have a really crappy time at all of the restauarnts that you post about. You are so joyful that they are closing up shop because each have them have slighted you in some awful way; be it service, decor, or food quality.

    Have you considered that the real problem is your sense of entitlement and your hyper- negative soul? Maybe if you adjusted your pathetic attitude, misery would not find you such an agreeable companion.

    I suggest pharmacological help; lots and lots of it.

  7. Urbanist

    @ Clicker – have you also noticed how meaningless your commentary is?

    There are actually plenty of restaurants in this city that I love – Abattoir, JCT, Ormsby’s (despite their recent health failings), Rathbun’s, Sound Table, Cakes & Ale, Leon’s, H&F, Murphy’s, Top FLR, Tartufo, Tomo, the list goes on…

    So your incorrect and pitiful assessment that I have some vendetta against anyplace I criticize is just sad. Amuse was a bad restaurant. The food was mediocre, the service poor, and the location hidden. When I go to a restaurant, I expect decent food, good service, and a decent atmosphere. If I don’t get it, I may wind up voicing my opinion about it. There are a lot of sites out there that provide that platform, and people tend to like those websites. Hardly any sense of entitlement. Get your head out of your ass.

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