Creative Loafing names What Now Atlanta favorite blog to follow on Twitter

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Other Twitter favorites include ‘Mayor of Ponce,’ Big Boi and Lance Gummere.

Creative Loafing (CL) released its Twitter issue yesterday.

The newspaper questions whether or not “Twitter-friendly Atlanta” is actually one of America’s most wired cities, it its cover story.

In other related Twitter headlines from Thursday’s issue, CL staffers picked What Now Atlanta as a Twitter favorite and included another list of “Atlanta’s most wanted Twitter handles.”

Here’s Besha Rodell’s, food editor and restaurant critic at Creative Loafing, “favorite Atlantans to follow on Twitter:”

Restaurant and retail news and gossip. Of all the ATL upstart bloggers to attempt this, Caleb is doing the best job. He’s gonna go far.

Former CL columnist & Americapedia author offers insight and wit on everything from Iran’s nuclear crisis to Justin Bieber’s new hairdo.

A lot of chefs tweet more than Lance (Shed at Glenwood), but his mix of honest cheffy personality and smart fuck-it-all humor makes me happy.

For Creative Loafing’s entire list, click here.

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Caleb J. SpivakCreative Loafing names What Now Atlanta favorite blog to follow on Twitter

2 Comments on “Creative Loafing names What Now Atlanta favorite blog to follow on Twitter”

  1. Dan

    I read this blog every day because the number of restaurants opening and closing since I’ve lived here in the Buckhead/Midtown area has been dizzying. I’ve seen so many places open and close that I can’t keep up. In the 4+ years I’ve lived here, in Buckhead alone, I’ve seen landmarks like Happy Hermann’s and The Varsity close, as well as New Yorker Deli on Pharr Road and Savor Gourmet on Peachtree. Seems like places are always opening and closing at Lindbergh City Center, ie Firkin Lindbergh, Bobby G’s and My Panini. That place will never recover. Places are opening as well, Buckhead Pizza, Flying Biscuit and Highland Bakery in Buckhead. Of course Borders and now Filene’s Basement is closing. It’s disconcerting to see so many changes like this amid such a volatile economy. So depressing to see Happy Hermann’s and The Varsity close.

  2. Clathryn

    Happy Herman’s would have done better if they dusted their shelves once in a while. They suffered the same fate as the Ace Hardware next door. I just wish they’d level that entire stretch of Cheshire Bridge and build something good. I guess when the CVS goes in across the street where the old Varsity is that’ll be something but still nothing very exciting.

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