Thumbs Up Diner to start franchising locations for $27K

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Photo courtesy of Thumbs Up Diner

Are a handful of new “breakfast all day” diners in the city’s future?

Thumbs Up Diner today announced in a press release, that it is officially franchising its concept.

The diner that now has five locations in metro Atlanta and offers breakfast and lunch, got its start in Decatur in 1984.

Thumbs Up is offering “qualified business professionals the opportunity to create a restaurant of their own with the beloved Thumbs Up brand, proprietary recipes and long-established vendor relationships,” according to the release.

Lou and Elizabeth Locricchio, the founders of Thumbs Up, who oversee the brand management, including menu, design and overall message, are franchising the concept at a fee of $27,000. Start-up costs range from $150,000 to $400,000.

“As we expand in the Atlanta market we want to make it a point to remain as authentic and consistent with our locations as possible,” Lou Locricchio said in the release. “It was our initial core values that created popularity with our regular diners and we maintain those exact values with each new location we open.”

Fingers crossed that Thumbs Up doesn’t lose it’s local charm, like the Flying Biscuit.

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Caleb J. SpivakThumbs Up Diner to start franchising locations for $27K

3 Comments on “Thumbs Up Diner to start franchising locations for $27K”

  1. Peter

    The last sentence (“Fingers crossed that Thumbs Up doesn’t lose it’s local charm, like the Flying Biscuit.”) is very badly edited. Does “like the Flying Biscuit” mean “like Flying Biscuit also didn’t lose its local charm”, or “like Flying Biscuit which did lose its local charm”?

  2. Valora

    They’re going to franchise? More proof that Atlantans don’t have a clue as to quality food. Nothing better than waiting in line for lousy pancakes, overpriced burgers, and surly service. And then having to pay WITH CASH because they are too cheap to eat the credit card fee or they are too crooked to pay their taxes properly. No thanks.

  3. Shane

    Stop with the franchising already! The last thing this city needs is another “outpost”, “concept”, or “operator”, all words that should never be associated with quality food.

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