Waffle House to open Centennial Olympic Park location, its signature store

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Centennial Park

New Downtown location to be the restaurant chain’s largest store.

Waffle House has plans to join other Atlanta institutions at Downtown’s Centennial Olympic Park with a “showcase” location.

The Atlanta-based national restaurant chain since 1955 is negotiating nearly an acre of land at 135 Andrew Young International Blvd for its newest location which will tell the Waffle House story, according to Pat Warner, vice president of marketing and communications for Waffle House.

Waffle House hopes to close on the deal in December, Warner told What Now Atlanta in a telephone interview Friday.

“Waffle House is an Atlanta institution,” Warner said. “We want to be in the heart of the city with the likes of Coke, the Georgia Aquarium and the Children’s Museum.”

If everything goes according to plan, Waffle House’s newest location could open by spring, he said.

Typical Waffle House locations offer seating for 30 to 35. Waffle House at Centennial Olympic Park will offer 43 seats inside as well as outdoor seats overlooking the park, according to Warner.

The restaurant overlooking Centennial Olympic Park will be the company’s third downtown location. The company has a restaurant at Underground Atlanta and one on the Georgia State University campus.


Photo – Wikimedia Commons.

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Caleb J. SpivakWaffle House to open Centennial Olympic Park location, its signature store

12 Comments on “Waffle House to open Centennial Olympic Park location, its signature store”

  1. BCATL

    I am assuming it would go at the intersection where the parking lot and Ted’s is located (opposite Luckie Street). Across the street from that abandoned building as well as the main entrance to the park. being that the location on the above map does not overlook the park as they stated. If thats the case I am curious as to how they would do that since the parking lot is being considered for a streetcar stop.

    If they remove a lot that would be great. Hopefully they wont add one of their own though.

  2. Chris

    That spot is one of the main parking lots for the Tabernacle. Fine by me. I always take MARTA when I go to shows there.

  3. Dan

    Waffle House will not be constructing a new building, but will renovate an existing building. It’s the one on the northerneastern corner of Andrew Young International and Centennial Olympic Park Boulevards.

  4. AlwaysRight

    The black homeless folks are going to love it. Drunk people coming and going to Waffle House that they can harrass. How Urban… …Ist.

  5. Old south

    If it weren’t so sad, I’d say something funny. I can recall when Atlanta was really going to be something.

  6. Old South

    Once Atlanta had an energy, the energy of the new south. Now, it has the feel of a busted Detroit. In fact, Detroit may actually have better future prospects than Atlanta– new airport, Auto bail out, etc..

    The old Atlanta folks know what I mean. There is a place for WH, but not as your prime fine dining spots. The low income crowd, which is more and more of the metro area now, may disagree.

  7. Valora

    Another Waffle House. Great. Atlantans you get what you deserve. The food is GARBAGE. I don’t care how friendly the staff are, its garbage. This is supposed to be some big Atlanta thing? Waffle House? This city needs to grow some real taste buds.

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