Chef Ford Fry spending $500,000 on new Westside eatery

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Chef Ford Fry ~ What Now Atlanta

Photo courtesy of Midtown Patch

JCT Kitchen owner files permit for ‘GA Fish Camp.’

UPDATE (Nov. 17, 2011): Ford Fry’s new Westside concept to be called The Optimist

Rumors of what Chef Ford Fry will call his new Westside restaurant have been swimming around since What Now Atlanta broke the news in July.

Early reports, including Atlanta Magazine’s, said Fry’s new restaurant would tentatively be called Georgia Fish Camp.

Thursday, the Atlanta chef who founded the popular JCT Kitchen filed a permit for “GA Fish Camp.”

Fry will convert nearly 3,000 square-feet of office space in the former Southeastern Meat Company building at 914 Howell Mill Road into the seafood restaurant, according to the permit.

The conversion will cost an estimated $487,398.00, the permit notes.

GA Fish Camp is set to open March 2012, Ford told What Now Atlanta earlier this year.

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Caleb J. SpivakChef Ford Fry spending $500,000 on new Westside eatery

3 Comments on “Chef Ford Fry spending $500,000 on new Westside eatery”

  1. ChadK

    I’ve had my eye on this building for years for my own business. I’m glad to see it going to use and I can’t wait to eat there!

  2. Dead

    This fish will float to the surface. This idea suffers from a number of problems:

    1. With a buildout of $500K payback is a long time coming.

    2. The traffic on the Westside is now unbearable and has already started to impact businesses. Try going from Octane to Bacchanalia any day from 4pm – 7pm. Or vice versa. Good luck.

    3. Nobody in Atlanta is willing to pay high prices for seafood flown in on an airplane. Get real. There is not a single example of a great seafood restaurant in this town…

  3. kidscare

    optimist is right.. you have to be a really optimistic restauranteur in this $hitty town.. no one has money. they will grouponscoutmobsocialsuck the life out of this place like they do every other great restaurant that good people create in this town.. atlanta needs to open up a bunch of food courts that serve wine and thats the only thing that will survive this cheap town!

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