Headlines Bar & Grill slated for $1.2 Million renovation

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Philips Arena ~ what now atlanta

Philips Arena (Photo credit: lonestarthrills.coPhilips .

Philips Arena restaurant to undergo remodel.

UPDATE (Dec. 4, 2011): [Renderings] Philips Arena collaborating with Buckhead Life’s Pano Karatassos to open $2 million restaurant

Headlines Bar & Grill at Philips Arena is scheduled for a major remodel.

The 14,000-square-foot Downtown restaurant will undergo interior renovations, according to a permit filed with City of Atlanta Friday.

Johnson Studio Architecture & Design will oversee the renovations, according to the permit. Renovation specifics and project timeline have not been confirmed.

Headlines will spend approximately $1,200,000 on its renovation.

The restaurant, which is open before, during, and after Hawks games, is located above section 204 and between portals 2 and 3.

Headlines was contacted on multiple occasions but was not immediately available for comment.

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Caleb J. SpivakHeadlines Bar & Grill slated for $1.2 Million renovation

5 Comments on “Headlines Bar & Grill slated for $1.2 Million renovation”

  1. M. Billups

    Much anticipated and greatly desired. I thought they had started the renovations already, though. It’s supposed to be ready by October and pretty extensive.

  2. Mike

    Any word on the Golden Buddha restaurant at street level? Isn’t it closed? Do they ever plan on replacing it with something else? How about a Fox and Hound restaurant? I know it’s a chain but it would probably do well there.

  3. Alexander Midtown

    Mike, Chains are not all bad. Your comment seems apologetic for even suggesting it. If it is good, let have it.

  4. Harry

    Caleb, you don’t get out to Philips much, huh?. The picture you have isn’t of Phillips Arena, but its parking deck across the street next to the Glen Hotel. The photo is also pre-tornado as that whole facade is now gone. And you tried contacting them? It’s a place inside the building that’s only open during games. It’s a glorified concession stand. That’s like calling Phillips Arena and asking to speak with the hot dog stand. I give you credit for at least not mentioning the Thrashers at least.

    1. caleb j. spivak

      hi harry — thanks for bringing that to our attention. and you’re right, never been to be honest. not a sports person as previously discussed. i’ll find a new photo. as for your “glorified” concession stand bit, that’s a pretty big investment and well worth the mention.

      best regards,


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