Cameli’s Pizza spending $425,000 to open Little Five Points location

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Pizza joint to build second location from the ground up.

Little Five Points is getting a new pizzeria.

Cameli’s Pizza, which is located at 669 Ponce de Leon Avenue, is opening its second location at 337 Moreland Avenue, according to a permit filed with City of Atlanta.

A call to the Ponce location confirms plans for a Cameli’s Pizza on Moreland Avenue.

Taking parking lot space adjacent to Tijuana Garage, the pizzeria will be built from the ground up, according to the permit. Listed construction includes, “new building, wood frame and roof deck.”

Cameli’s construction costs for its new 3,400-square-foot location will total in at¬†approximately $425,000. Separately, the cost of the lot (0.45 acres) is listed on Loopnet for $640,000.

Cameli’s Pizza would not provide any additional information, including a timeline for opening.

Coincidently, Papa John’s is building a new location on Moreland Avenue from the ground up, further south.

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Caleb J. SpivakCameli’s Pizza spending $425,000 to open Little Five Points location

11 Comments on “Cameli’s Pizza spending $425,000 to open Little Five Points location”

  1. JonC

    Bye bye parking lot!! The stretch from Tijuana Garage down to the abandoned Googie dry cleaner is the bane of my urbanism existence. Such a great opp to extend the energy of L5P down Moreland, and create more of a connection to the Edgewood Shopping District.

  2. Chris

    It’s good to see another parking lot gone! I’d always imagined this strip from here down to Dekalb ave would be a good spot for a mixed use development. Apartments with retail in the bottom. There are not that many “good” apartment options in the heart of little 5.

  3. Chris

    Wrecking Bar, Tijuana Garage, Front Page News, and now Cameli’s … This is shaping up little L5P as (almost) a dining destination.

  4. Jason

    Wonder if anyone will ever make use of the second floor of Tijuana Garage. With the restaurant below, I doubt it’d work as apartments but it’d be nice to see something go in there to bring that space alive. Hmmm… maybe I just found the space for my Web 2.0 start up.

  5. Vanilla

    Maybe if they took the wrecking ball to Tijuana Garage the area would be even better. Terrible food, almost as bad as FROGS and El Azteca.

    Good to see Camelli’s coming in. I too would like to see a connection to the newer retail to the south, connecting the neighborhood benefits all of us.

  6. Dimitri

    @ JonC glad something is being put up in an empty lot (smiling) but their pizza is middling at best (crying). Its L5P, no one cares about taste.

  7. Jay Neub

    I for one am stoked about this… the pizza is great, and the beer and wines are always changing. It has two floors, and a terrace! What’s not to love?

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