[Rendering] Pacific Rim Bistro slated to renovate

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Pacific Rim Bistro's current interior ~ what now atlanta

Pacific Rim Bistro's current interior


Pan-Asian restaurant to temporarily close during “major construction” period.

UPDATE (AUGUST 15, 2011): Pacific Rim Bistro scheduled to reopen, renews lease

Pacific Rim Bistro, a Pan-Asian restaurant, has begun “extensive” renovations.

The Pan-Asian restaurant, located Downtown inside the SunTrust Plaza on Peachtree Center Avenue, is updating the restaurant’s interior and is adding an “open air conversation bar,” according to their website.

Pacific Rim will remain opened during most of the renovation process but will close from July 29 until August 12 for “major construction.”

Anna Hsu, owner of Pacific Rim, closed Silk, another one of her restaurants, in May.

Hsu denied the restaurant would close when What Now Atlanta approached her to confirm rumors in December.

In the past, restaurant’s closing for “renovations” have ended in permanent closings — an opportunity for restauranteurs to “buy time.” Let’s hope Pacific Rim isn’t headed for Silk’s fate.

Here’s a rendering of what Pacific Rim Bistro’s renovated interior will look like:

pacific rim bistro rendering ~ what now atlanta

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Caleb J. Spivak[Rendering] Pacific Rim Bistro slated to renovate

3 Comments on “[Rendering] Pacific Rim Bistro slated to renovate”

  1. Mike

    Why would there be a rendering of the renovation if they were just closing to close? That doesn’t make any sense…

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