American Eagle to close at Atlantic Station

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american eagle outfitters at atlantic station ~ what now, atlanta?

Developer seeks advice from What Now Atlanta readers on a restaurant replacement

American Eagle Outfitters, a clothing and accessories retailer, is closing at Atlantic Station, according to developer Mark Toro.

The retailer located in the Town Center portion of Atlantic Station at 230 18th Street, will close next week, Toro told What Now Atlanta in a Twitter direct message Saturday.

“American Eagle closes next week at Atlantic Station, making room for a local chef-driven restaurant,” Toro said.

Toro and his team have been working on transforming Town Center at Atlantic Station — a district that includes Publix, the Regal 16 Cinemas, LA Fitness, retailer H&M and restaurants such as Rosa Mexicano and Dolce Entocea e Ristorante — into a “focal point for in-town Atlanta.”

“We plan to make Atlantic Station the center for the Midtown community and a focal point for in-town Atlanta,” Mark Toro said.

“Job one is to reach out to our neighbors and ask, ‘How can we work together to make Atlantic Station better serve Midtown?’ This transformation will take time. The most immediate change will be our level of engagement.”

In his message to What Now Atlanta Saturday, Toro asked, “Do you want to poll your peeps?”

So, he’s listening — What restaurateur should replace American Eagle? Tell Toro in the comment section.

American Eagle Outfitters
230 18th Street Suite 11100
Atlanta, GA 30363

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Caleb J. SpivakAmerican Eagle to close at Atlantic Station

105 Comments on “American Eagle to close at Atlantic Station”

  1. Blaine

    I moved here about 9 months ago from the Twin Cities and really don’t understand all of the Atlantic Station (or for that matter, City of Atlanta) bashing. I live in the heart of downtown, within a few blocks of Underground Atlanta, and I don’t have any concerns that Atlantic Station will become another Underground Atlanta. Atlantic Station is near some of the most affluent parts of the City, off a major Interstate, Georgia Tech, and surrounded by housing that will someday be full. Underground Atlanta has none of that. Having moved from a Metropolitan area that is universally ranked at the top of everything (although yes, it snows), greater Atlanta (OTP) has issues. But Atlantic Station isn’t a contributer to that. To this outsider’s eyes it’s one of the few spectacular things Atlanta has managed to create. It’s one of the greatest urban redevelopments of a brownfield I’ve seen. For the life of me I can’t understand why Atlantan’s won’t use it, or MARTA trains, or why they’re afraid of downtown and drawn only to traffic jams and strip malls (since that seems to be the metro area’s primary product). But bashing Mark Toro is ridiculous. I guarantee he had nothing to do with American Eagle or any of the other retailers closing. Those were corporate decisions made based on how WE, the consumers, behaved. If you want them to stay open, patronize them.

    That rant over, it’s been said before that we need a bookstore in Atlantic Station. Given Border’s closings, I doubt any National chain would be interested. But there aren’t any decent used bookstores in town either. It would be difficult to get an independant up and running in the mall, but there is a national used bookstore chain that could be an option. Half Price Books is based in Dallas, has large bookstores all over the country. They’re very well run and the ones I’ve been in fit in a store about the size of the vacant Pier One. I’m assuming the economics of your purchase of the mall would allow you to cut a deal similiar to their typical rent and they would draw the type of literate customer you want visiting. They serve a unique niche, since there aren’t any good used bookstores, and Atlantic Station could provide good visibility as a flagship store in a new market with limited competition. It seems to me like it could be a match, and while it’s not new and hip, I’m upper middle class and it would definately make me visit more.

  2. sitting pugs

    I like the idea of an Art Supply store. I would like even more if a restaurant like Fuego Mundo opened up at Atlantic Station.

    Gluten-free, wheat-free options available on the menu.

  3. Anonymous

    Atlantic Station will be a Ghost town in 3-years so who cares…..(and I live 2.5 miles from there).

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