Westside to get European antiques wholesaler

Caleb J. Spivakretail, whats in - atlanta retail?6 Comments

Le Chateau to open in the Westside Design District … almost.

West Midtown will soon be home to Le Chateau, a European antiques importer, according to a permit filed with the city of Atlanta Wednesday.

Temporary signage on the Leather and Luggage Depot space at 1151 Chattahoochee Avenue, confirms the arrival of the Westside’s newest antiques dealer.

The space, a large brick warehouse with white security bars on all windows, will house European antiques sold at wholesale to the public, according to posted signs.

Le Chateau, opening in proximity to White Provisions and the undefined area designated as “Westside design district,”¬†seems logical considering the size of the antique dealer’s retail space.

And for those wanting to experience European antique shopping (without TSA being able to cop a feel), lets hope this antiques dealer has the goods!

Le Chateau European Antiques
1151 Chattahoochee Avenue NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

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Caleb J. SpivakWestside to get European antiques wholesaler

6 Comments on “Westside to get European antiques wholesaler”

  1. Bobby

    Wait–Leather and Luggage Depot isn’t there anymore? I seriously love that place! Also, it’s the Westside. NOT West Midtown.

    1. caleb j. spivak

      hi bobby and jennifer– it might be that le chateau is taking part of leather and luggage depot’s space. we tried to contact the number on their marquee on the space and it is disconnected.


  2. jennifer

    What happened to Leather and Luggage Depot?? I was there 3 weeks ago and it didn’t appear to be shuttering.

  3. CB

    I would definitely take “westside design district” as its somewhat generic while being descriptive enough, rather than “westside provisions district” which came straight out of some developer’s ass.

  4. jennifer

    I just called L&L Depot and they’re still open. Sigh of relief. It’s paradise for the avid traveler.

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