OMG Taco to open in Little Five Points

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Taco joint to serve “hybrid tacos” made from Korean & Mexican ingredients

OMG Taco will open their first location in Little Five Points on the corner of Euclid and Colquitt Avenues, according to a permit filed with the city of Atlanta Wednesday.

Taking the now shuttered Sweet Lime space at 1126 Euclid Avenue, OMG Taco will specialize in fusing Korean gogi (beef) and Mexican ingredients, according to the taco restaurant’s website.

Dubbed “hybrid tacos,” the restaurant will combine Korean ingredients such as kimchi, bulgogi and kalbi (short-rib), with traditional taco toppings such as cilantro, tomatoes and jalapenos.

Beyond confusing the taste buds, OMG Taco explains their use of the acronym “OMG” as an abbreviation of “Oh MmMm Gogi,” referencing the Korean beef.

OMG Taco will also offer burritos and quesadilla, all made from fusing “Korean tastes and tradition with Mexico’s rich Latin culture at a recession-proof price.”

We asked Little Five Points resident Kevin Hodge, who was walking past the location Wednesday, what he thought about OMG Taco opening there.

“Hell, I can’t pay for it either way,” Hodge said.

OMG Taco
1126 Euclid Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

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Caleb J. SpivakOMG Taco to open in Little Five Points

19 Comments on “OMG Taco to open in Little Five Points”

  1. Whitney

    haha! i read headline and thought it said “OMG! TACO MAC to open in Little 5″ I thought hell had frozen over.

  2. Johnny

    OMG, anything is better than that dump Sweet Lime. The kimchi may actually smell better than the people who loiters in L5P.

  3. Ag

    OMG what a bad idea … what’s next? OMG yogurt burgers, served in a remodeled gas station? or a “food truck”?

  4. Chris

    This will make 4 “Mexican” places in Little 5. And you also have Pure right up the street in Inman Park. Good luck to them!

  5. Chris

    They also don’t seem to have any vegetarian entree options. Well maybe the kimchi quesadilla. Every place in Lil 5 has vegetarian options for a reason.

  6. Mike

    Does Atlanta really have as many mexican places as Mexico City? You people are retarded. Ever been to Southern California, Houston, Phoenix?

    And please explain how this is a bad idea? Hankook is a hybrid korean/taco joint and does very well and the food is awesome. Get over yourselves.

  7. Russ

    Whiny Atlantans! Parking, too many taco/mexican places, blah blah! Get over it people, this actually sounds interesting and agreed much underserved. NYC and LA are crawling with these joints and most seem to do very well. Atlanta has only a blip in comparison btw.

  8. Dan

    All other reasons those above propose for this place failing notwithstanding, the name is awful. If it fails, I will point to that foremost and possibly exclusively, as that is why I will never go.

    Instead, I will continue to enjoy Hankook and Yumbii because of their more creative and not ridiculously-pandering-to-the-12-year-old-suburban-girl-crowd-who-won’t-go-here-anyway names. Why, OMG Taco. Why.

  9. Carolyn

    hmm…I have no qualm with another Mexican (/Asian fusion) spot…
    What makes me gag a little is that dreaded location. Sweet Lime didn’t properly renovate that dingy stink hole. It was beyond filthy inside of that spot. I think the key to any new business’ survival in L5P will be to “build from the ground up” … like that pizzeria is doing. And don’t get me wrong, I love L5P, character…characters … and all. But, the businesses (food joints specifically) don’t need to bring the outside, IN. It’s going to require some major overhaulin’.

  10. michael


    The owner of this place (AJ) is a THIEF and a LIAR. He never paid me for designing his website or logo. He is a low life!!!! AJ you know what you did and you are pathetic!

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