Real Chow Baby owner to launch quick-serve dim sum concept

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Mike Blum, co-creator of the stir-fry based franchise, to open Yum Bunz

UPDATE (May 15, 2012):
Yum Bunz finalizes plans to open West Midtown restaurant

Yum Bunz, a quick-serve dim sum restaurant, will open it’s first location late summer or early fall of this year, according to James Oxendine with Atlanta Magazine.

The dim sum restaurant that will specialize in bao, fluffy Chinese buns stuffed with barbecued roast pork and other fillings, is the brainchild of Mike Blum, the report notes.

Blum is co-creator of The Real Chow Baby restaurants.

In a recent interview, Blum told Oxendine he was scouting out possible locations for the first Yum Bunz.

“Hoping to find a location in either Midtown, the Westside, or the Old Fourth Ward,” Blum said in the interview.

Inspiration behind his concept comes from “Roy Choi and the Kogi Food Truck,” according to Blum, as well as “Wow Bao from Rich Melman and the Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants.”

Sounds to us like he’s going for a food truck feel– without the truck.

For more details on the new concept and the inspiration behind launching, read the rest of Oxendine’s thoughtful interview here.

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Caleb J. SpivakReal Chow Baby owner to launch quick-serve dim sum concept

14 Comments on “Real Chow Baby owner to launch quick-serve dim sum concept”

  1. Felix

    Hrmm. If it’s just bao, I think the street food community would love a truck spinoff of this. I’m still waiting for quality banh mi to hit Midtown.

  2. Mike

    I was going to say the same myself Pandora Lee. Midtown on Peachtree! It’s just mind boggling how many concepts avoid the main street through our city.

  3. mypitboss

    VA Highlands! The area has no quick service food available (except for Yeah! Burger) now that Everybody’s Pizza has been replaced with a sushi restaurant.

  4. Alex

    Kwood – The old Miss Winners. Up for auction May 11th and probably is pretty cheap. Plus it’s got a drive through which would be awesome

  5. Johnny

    Authentic, just like Chowbaby, Genghis Grill and PF Chang. Hope they have tripe, chicken feet and internal organs. CAN’T WAIT!

  6. Johnny B

    So excited about this news! I frequent Wow Boa in Chicago and am a huge fan of the concept. This would totally rock!

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