Will new grocer make Castleberry Hill wig out?

Caleb J. Spivakreal estate, restaurants13 Comments

acme market to open in castleberry hill ~ what now, atlanta?

Acme Market to replace weave shop Downtown

UPDATE: (April 12): Castleberry Hill to get ‘natural food depot”

Castleberry hill will soon be home to an Acme Market grocery store.

The now shuttered Kim Miller’s Hair Gallery at 249 Peters Street next door to Off The Hook Barber Shop will house the grocer, according to a building permit filed with the city of Atlanta Monday.

The Philadelphia based self-service supermarket founded in the the late 1930’s might have you thinking: Acme market is still around? Or better yet: what the heck is Acme? This got our head’s to scratchin’ too.

A quick search for Acme in Georgia on the grocer’s website’s “find a store” feature turns no results. According to the grocer’s website, Acme has a total of 117 locations nationwide.

So, is it a fit for the neighborhood? Can Acme sustain business in Castleberry Hill or will the weave shop’s bad hair day be relived?

Acme Grocery
249 Peters Street SW
Atlanta GA, 30313

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Caleb J. SpivakWill new grocer make Castleberry Hill wig out?

13 Comments on “Will new grocer make Castleberry Hill wig out?”

  1. SB

    How can it fit in a hair gallery space? I’d never heard of Acme Grocery till 2 days ago I was in Philly for the weekend and it’s the primary grocer in the area my friends live in. They said it was nice, but it looked the size of an Aldi or bigger…. does this site match that?

  2. Darin

    Awesome — a market of any kind is a win for CH. Put this together with the upcoming new Mitchell Street bridge (which will have a bike lane) and you’ve got a couple of nice developments that will make this a more complete intown neighborhood.

  3. Joe

    Well being from SE PA I have to tell you its pronounced AC-A-ME by locals up there. Why they added the extra A I could never understand.

  4. Johnny

    It’ll be kaput within 6 months, it’s Castleberry. Taking bets on how many shootings there will be in and around this “Grocery”.

  5. Mike

    I rarely here of shootings in Castleberry – actually I don’t even think I’ve heard of one in that area since I’ve lived in Atlanta which has been a little over 1 year now. I’m sure this will be just fine – why so much negativity? I’d also like to see something like this in Midtown.

  6. Atlantan

    Really, Johnny? You want to compare the number of shootings in CH with the number of shootings/pistol whippings/kidnappings/home invasions in East Atlanta? Really?

  7. Al Cross

    For the record, there will not be an Acme Grocery in Castleberry Hill. The store that is opening in Castleberry Hill at 249 Peters Street is called The Boxcar Grocer. It is a small, family owned store that is about 3,000 square feet and about the size of a convenience store but will primarily sell organic and natural foods along with some traditional items as well.

  8. 396

    I work in the Federal building at MLK and Spring and “weave” been waiting a long time for a grocery store in the neighborhood. I don’t drive to work so if I need food during the workday, the closest real store I know of is the Publix at Midtown Station. That’s an hour round-trip, if you count being in the store for just a little while.

  9. Johnny Simmons

    I think this small, health foods/produce oriented store serves the market well. I can think of at least three steady customers of the “Boxcar Grocer”: No Mas Cantina, Wasabi turned Bottle Rocket Restaurant and Lounge, and Paschal’s Restaurant.

    I think this area is steadily seeing improving fundamentals and it’s very obvious that the neighborhood residents/dwellers, including the artists, small business owners, and urbanites, prefer such a store.

    Thank you Mr. Cross and I hope your restaurant is a success.

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