Noon Cafe and Bar closes at 1010 Midtown

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noon midtown closes at 1010 midtown ~ what now, atlanta?

1010 Midtown’s first tenant in is first out

Noon Cafe and Bar, located at 1050 Crescent Ave NE, has closed.

Jasmine Ward, the weekend concierge at the condominium complex where the restaurant leased space, confirmed their last day in business was Jan. 7.

Ward agrees it was almost next to impossible to keep up with Noon’s hours of operation as they went through several changes, adapting to the neighborhood’s needs, making it even more impossible to confirm they had closed.

Originally opened on Sundays, the restaurant went to serving six days a week only, with hours from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Noon gave their try at serving dinner but pulled the plug early into their trial run.

The restaurant first opened in 2009 under couple, Ross D. Davis and Katie Birmingham. Davis, an architect who designed the space alongside ai3 and Birmingham, former sous-chef de cuisine at Anne Quatrano’s Bacchanalia.

We were personally vested in their success having followed their journey from pre construction to closing and are distraught to see them close.

We wish them well in their future endeavours.

[Editors note: Though the intranets were abuzz with rumors of Noon’s closure, it took us hours and hours of research to confirm. Staff at 1010 Midtown, neighboring restaurants, the Midtown Alliance and other reputable journalists were unable to provide confident confirmation on their closure. Sometimes, gathering these details can be quite time consuming and next to impossible to retrieve but rest assured that we do not hold these closings lightly and work hard to provide the most accurate information for our readers.]

Noon Midtown
1050 Crescent Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

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Caleb J. SpivakNoon Cafe and Bar closes at 1010 Midtown

5 Comments on “Noon Cafe and Bar closes at 1010 Midtown”

  1. Darin

    We really loved Noon in its first incarnation as a breakfast/lunch place. I understand why they needed to change their hours and focus — their breakfast business was not very steady (and I should know from the amount of times I was in there). What I will never understand is WHY they didn’t have steady business for breakfast. They had the best biscuits and gravy in town, cured their own bacon and carried the excellent Counter Culture coffee. I was so disappointed when they stopped doing breakfast that I never went back.

  2. Johnny

    Suprised this one was not on the watch list. While the food was technically very good and the atmospher pleasent, the portions where TINY and overpriced. Additionally, the sporatic hours were a mess. Too bad, because I had high hopes for this spot. Sad to see another closure, but can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

  3. clarkformayor

    Oh Yeah..There’s a surprise. @ Johnny- Atmosphere???? Felt like I was eating at a day spa. No thanks.

  4. JohnnyH

    @Clarkformayor, day spas are generally known for having good design and pleasant “atmosphere”…maybe you would be more comforable at smiths olde bar or ri ra.

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