Goodfella’s Pizza and Wings evicted Downtown from low health score?

Caleb J. Spivakrestaurants25 Comments

Pizzeria closes leaving a pig sty of a mess on Peachtree Street

goodfella's pizza and wings closed downtown ~ what now, atlanta?

Goodfella’s Pizza and Wings Downtown closed earlier this morning, Dec. 29, according to neighboring restaurants.

Located at 209 Peachtree street, the restaurant occupied space adjacent to Hooters and Pig Sty, the barbecue restaurant next door that never opened.

All of the restaurant’s belongings are currently sitting curbside and neighboring restaurants say that’s because Goodfella’s was evicted after receiving a remarkably low health score.

Employees at the other two Goodfella’s locations, one on Spring Street and the other on Moreland avenue, were unaware of the closure and have no additional details. The closed location was also unreachable. Each location is owned and operated under different management.

Maybe for now it’s buy one pizza get one pizza oven free?


(H/T to reader, Ken Peterson (@atlken77) for providing the picture)

Goodfella’s Pizza and Wings
209 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA 30303

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Caleb J. SpivakGoodfella’s Pizza and Wings evicted Downtown from low health score?

25 Comments on “Goodfella’s Pizza and Wings evicted Downtown from low health score?”

  1. flerd_trandle

    Most of the equipment has been moved around the corner and is now sitting in front of the spot that used to be Daily’s.

  2. MG

    I’m surprised nothing has opened in the Pig Sty location yet, which makes me think this space might be sitting empty for awhile too. Ugh, more empty spaces on Peachtree in Midtown and Downtown… our signature street!

  3. Jennifer

    This location received a 100% on their inspection in April 2010. I don’t think they would be reinspected after receiving a 100%. However, maybe they weren’t able to pay their rent which would mean their stuff gets tossed onto the sidewalk. Generally if an establishment is closed due to a poor score things aren’t thrown onto the sidewalk and there is a notice on the doors notifying the public that the place was closed by the health department.

  4. Darin

    Not sorry to see it go. We went there once and I got a reuben sandwich that was easily one of the worst sandwiches I’ve ever had at a restaurant. Maybe their pizza was good?

    I really hope these empty spaces don’t just sit empty forever. The Pig Sty space has been a depressing black hole for so long now, along with the empty storefront to its right. Now the Goodfellas and Il Mulino spaces are gone on that block too. Gruesome.

  5. Slowfood

    Funny, I was standing in front of Goodfellas 6 weeks ago texting Caleb that I thought it was closing, but we decided the for lease sign was refering to Dailey’s.

  6. Mike

    I just hope all of these empty spaces get filled. They look terrible, especially on Peachtree which is our “main street”.

  7. Mr. Bill

    If Daily’s and Il Mulino won’t make it there, I’ll take whatever CAN make it.

    Would one rather see empty storefronts, or ones with businesses/restaurants that do well?

  8. szq

    Inthemabe and Mr. Bill, try downtown restaurants like Social, BLT and the Peasant Bistro before you slam downtown dining. The food at the Terrace is also quite lovely. For casual food try Meehans…have you seen how packed that place is. It has atmosphere and yummy food.

    As for Il Mulino, their price points were a bit too high.

    goodfellas wasn’t exactly fine dining.

  9. person

    anyone ever wonder if the owner has a family? kids? I guess it’s fun making jokes when small establishments go under. this is not dominos or papa John. no corporate CEOs. everyday people like YOU. I guess everyone is just sure they won’t lose jobs. times are hard. and I guess everyone else is secure. so it’s pretty funny. by the way, I personally know that goodfellas has sponsored numerous youth groups, and organizations around the area. but u know, it’s just more interesting to be happy for misfortunes. happy néw year to everyone. I wish the best, not like the family at goodfellas, is having. for those posted comments with some sort of consideration, I’m sure the Goodfellas, people feel some comfort for humanity

  10. Tula

    This sucks. I moved here from Miami in September and this place was a favorite for my wife and I to eat and watch the games. The manager was very friendly and the food was good. I will definitely miss it. I found out it was closed because we drove there tonight to watch the Heat game. Bummer.

  11. Atl Youth Group

    Just wanna say Thank you Goodfellas pizza for all the wonderful support and donations for our kids. Im sorry to see you all leave. We will continue to support you on your future ventures. I wish downtown atlanta was what it use to be and not like it is now. Thanks

  12. David

    The owner of this place swindled me out of money I am not sad to see it go. And I will still try to get my money John.

  13. mike

    Most of downtowntown atlanta is just a run down food court! Where are all the stores and retail? The o le cvs downtown is by five points. It is trashy!

  14. david

    There is more retail @ the airport than in all of downtown.downtown, what a dissapointing destination.

  15. Greg

    This site is retarded! Goodfellas on Peachtree was a great place with good food. The Staff was awesome and so was the John. My entire floor ordered from this place. Some of you people NEED TO GET A LIFE serious.

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