La Fruttela enters Atlanta yogurt wars

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la fruttela yogurt opening in inman park ~ what now, atlanta?

In the heat of battle without a leg to stand on

La Fruttela, a frozen yogurt shop, is launching their first ever location at the Highland Walk Apartments.

Inspired by European gelaterias and yogurterias, La Fruttela signed a lease for their first location with Perennial Properties at 701 Highland avenue in the Inman Park/Old 4th Ward area.

Within walking distance of neighborhood favorites, P’cheen and Highland Bakery, La Fruttela is entering the Atlanta yogurt wars at a very peculiar time. With yogurt shops breeding like rabbits, it seems La Fruttela is tempting fate by launching an unknown brand.

Yogli Mogli, Yoforia, and Pinkberry, for example, are producing so much yogurt in Atlanta, it’s going to start snowing the frozen cow juice it’s made from this winter.

Entrepreneur Angela N. Beltran has been busy trademarking several words and phrases for this concept and considering the brand is so new, no other information is available.

But if you’ve never seen trademark documentation, it’s interesting. Check it out here!

La Fruttela
701 Highland Avenue NE # 2
Atlanta, GA 30312

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Caleb J. SpivakLa Fruttela enters Atlanta yogurt wars

8 Comments on “La Fruttela enters Atlanta yogurt wars”

  1. JoeInAtlanta

    Are you sure it’s yogurt? The trademark link that you published mentions gelato, which I’m fairly certain is not the same thing as yogurt.

    Anyway, one of the tags on that trademark page was “crêpes” (or, actually, “crepes” because some people are too stupid and/or lazy to use diacritical marks) — which is all I need to hear. If there’s a place selling crêpes around the corner from my house, I’m all in — regardless of what variety of frozen cow juice they’re pushing.

    1. calebjspivak

      hi joeinatlanta, the trademark file mentioned gelato, crepes and yogurt but if you look at the photograph of the coming soon sign, it specifically references yogurt.


  2. rs

    Yogurt wars? I wasn’t aware of any such war. I thought Yogurt Tap was the king of all yogurt shops, and the rest were bad imitations.

  3. MG

    You can never have enough yogurt places. It tastes better than ice cream and it is better for you! Now somebody open a frozen yogurt place in Midtown that us residents can WALK to!

  4. Mindy

    Wow!! yogurt wars huh??? I love frozen yogurt!! and the name fruttela sounds like a good one!! can’t wait for them to open!!

  5. Andrea

    I met the architect while I was waiting some plans in the city of atlanta. I was able to see some designs of the location. It looks really good and fun.

    This location is 10 mins walk from my home. I am very excited. I love this area of the town.

  6. Ricardo

    Actually, I think its going to go very well for Ms Beltran and Fruttela. I once read that coffee shops do better with a Starbucks nearby, because people are used to their high prices (and in my opinion, burnt beans/not-so-good coffee) so I think that getting into this “war” is going to go well for Frutella. Especially since their location is prime. They’re within walking distance from Pure, Parish, Fritti, Highland Bakery, etc. It actually gives that area a nice healthy alternative (to the Highland Bakery’s delicious offerings) Good luck to you Frutella, I will see you very, very soon.

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