Marlow’s Tavern Makes Its Way To East Cobb

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marlow's tavern opening on merchant's walk ~ what now, atlanta?

As American As Apple Pie

Restaurateurs John C. Metz Jr., Tom DiGiorgio, Richard E. Rivera and Hank Clark, the four partners behind Sterling Hospitality restaurant management company, have announced they have signed the lease for the seventh location of Marlow’s Tavern.

Slated to open in late 2010 at the corner of Highway 120 and Johnson Ferry Road, Marlow’s Tavern will be the newest addition to the Merchants Walk retail center in East Cobb.

“We are looking forward to bringing Marlow’s Tavern to this area,” says Metz. “Merchants Walk is really the heart of East Cobb, and we are so excited to be a part of the re-energizing of this incredible shopping district,” he adds.

The restaurant will offer the same menu of American tavern fare with an upscale twist, like the other six locations of Marlow’s, as well as feature a similarly styled décor and layout.

Marlow’s Tavern
1311 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 208
Marietta GA, 30067

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Caleb J. SpivakMarlow’s Tavern Makes Its Way To East Cobb

5 Comments on “Marlow’s Tavern Makes Its Way To East Cobb”

  1. Jennifer

    Thank you – and welcome! So excited that you aren’t another Mexican place. I think you’ll have little competition here and do wonderfully.

  2. Bill

    What a welcomed addition! Marlow’s is always a great place to meet for just a drink with friends, business dinners or just a plain good meal! Food is consistently good and the service has never missed. All I can say is FINALLY!

  3. Chef Woody

    Awesome, Awesome News !!! East Cobb has stepped up the dining game and we need a great place of this calibre in the heart of east cobb.. Hey i might need to quit my job and join this surefire winning team !

  4. JeffBicMD

    My wife and I were looking for a nice friendly place to meet our friends, enjoy good times with visitors or have a great meat after a flick. Welcome to our neighborhood.

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