harlem bar closes on edgewood avenue

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Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn District Takes A Hit

Harlem Bar, a nightclub in downtown, closed on Friday, May 21.

Located on Edgewood avenue in the Sweet Auburn District, Harlem Bar was sending out an SOS when they reduced its hours of operation back in March of this year. Originally opened seven days a week, the reduction left them struggling for business, open then just on the weekend, three days a week.

Owned and operated by Lorenzo Wyche Restaurants, other concepts by this owner include The Social House, a breakfast place and Rare, a “Soul Tapas” restaurant.

A what now, atlanta? reader first tipped us off in March and recently notified us of Harlem Bar’s closure last Friday. A call to the bar confirms: “this number has temporarily been disconnected. There is no further information at this time.”

Harlem Bar
262 Edgewood Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

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Caleb J. Spivakharlem bar closes on edgewood avenue

6 Comments on “harlem bar closes on edgewood avenue”

  1. dboogie

    Unfortunatelt it was a hole in the wall and the food made me sick the ownner was not handling business

  2. Jeanne Carrillo

    as one of the original owners of Harlem Bar, it is back up an open as Spanish Harlem. I made it into a caribbean, latino style restaurant bar with a nyuerican vibe. come check it out or give me ring @ 404-664-4503 if you want more details. its opened mon-sat from 4-230am and on sundays from 6-midnight. We just gor our first write up on thrillist atlanta if you want pictures and see how itlooks. thanks…Jeanne

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